Bird Proofing and Bird Control Services. From Cleaning up to eradication.

Bird Control

Professional Pest Services have the practical experience of dealing with pest bird activity in all situations. This includes guano removal, biocide treatments and exclusion methods such as bird spikes, spring and wire systems and the fitting of bird nets to prevent the birds roosting in or on buildings. Where proofing is not practical other exclusion methods are available. A free survey is carried out initially to determine the best course of action.


Some Risks Associated with Birds


The majority of the feral pigeon population (above 86%) are known to be carriers of paratyphoid strains of the salmonella bacteria, these are passed on to humans by the birds in their droppings.


Contamination from the bacteria Camphylobacter jejuni is known to be transmitted by corvids such as magpies pecking at milk bottle tops and contaminating the milk. This illness manifests itself as a severe case of food poisoning – Camphylobacter enteritis. 


Or as it is commonly known, “Pigeon Fancier’s Lung”. This is a serious allergic state that cannot be remedied whilst any associated bird matter, be it fouling, feathers or nesting material, is present.


The fungus that causes this infection grows in surface soil in many parts of the world. The spores thrive in bird droppings and humans contract the disease by breathing in the spores. Symptoms are ill defined or absent, diagnosis is by blood test or by growing the fungus from sputum specimens. Most cases do not require treatment but anti-fungal drugs are effective.



These can be loosely grouped into the following:


They breed in the bird droppings or on bird carcasses. When conditions are suitable, large numbers can emerge simultaneously. The resultant swarm of flies can cause a serious nuisance and a health hazard to humans. These include houseflies and bluebottles.


These breed mainly on the feathers, debris of nesting materials or carcasses of birds. They sometimes migrate from the nesting/roosting sites to other parts of the building where they can do damage to soft furnishings, timber and foodstuffs.

S.P.I. can constitute a nuisance, a health hazard or an economic loss for humans. This group includes the spider beetles, moths, mealworms, leather beetles, biscuit beetles, larder beetles and carpet beetles.


These are mostly scavengers living amongst the debris associated with birds. Sometime they migrate to other parts of buildings where they will cause alarm and nuisance to humans.

They include silverfish, firebrats and booklice.


These live by feeding on the live birds. In the absence of birds, some, such as bird lice, will die quickly. Others, such as fleas, can remain inactive for many months before feeding on humans or domestic animals that enter the effected area.


Several species of mites live in or around bird nests. From there they can migrate to other parts of the buildings where their numbers can increase dramatically where conditions are suitable (e.g. poor ventilation and high degrees of humidity).

Many humans are allergic to mites. Reactions include asthmatic attacks, a blocked or streaming nose, streaming eyes and difficulty in breathing as well as skin complaints causing histamines to flood to the surface of the skin in the form of an allergic reaction

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Bird Proofing

Professional Pest Services carry out bird proofing to commercial and domestic premises in Manchester, Cheshire and the surrounding areas. This includes, bird netting, bird spikes, spring and wire systems and the new optical gel system.

We have recently carried out a bird netting job for a customer who had Pigeons nesting in a roof top plant room.


Bird Proofing and Bird Control Services. From Cleaning up to eradication.
Bird Proofing and Bird Control Services. From Cleaning up to eradication.

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