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Fly Killers

Flying insects pose a serious health risk wherever food is prepared, stored or sold. House flies (Musca domestica) specifically, have been shown to be carriers for many diseases, including typhoid, amoebic dysentery and bubonic plague. The common house fly has no mouth. Instead it has an ‘eating tube’ through which it vomits a drop of fluid from its stomach, to be deposited on the surface of the intended meal. After a short wait the fluid is sucked up along with the nutrients it has dissolved, leaving behind untold numbers of germs.

Because of its eating habits, breeding habits and ability to exist under almost any conditions, the house fly is one of our most dangerous insects. European Community food safety directives state:-

“All food which is handled, stored, packaged, displayed and transported shall be protected against any contamination likely to render the food unfit for human consumption. Adequate procedures must be in place to ensure pests are controlled.”


Fly Screens and Chain Link Doors

We are able to supply and install high quality fly screens that allow airflow through open windows and doors but keep out unwanted flies. Chain link curtains can also be supplied and fitted as an alternative to fly screens.

A free survey is carried out to determine the exact requirement of each individual window or door.


Electric Fly Killers

We are able to supply a wide range of electric fly killer units for all types of environments and offer a full after-sale service and maintenance facility.

Our electric fly killers are guaranteed to attract and eliminate flying pests in any environment. Our electric fly killers use bright UV bulbs are suitable for both residential and commercial premises… so what ever your situation we can help

The risks to a food business of not adequately controlling flying insect pests include:-

  • Wastage of contaminated food
  • Loss of customer confidence
  • Legal action by hygiene authorities including, in severe cases, closing the business
  • Legal action by customers harmed by tainted food

Contamination by flying insect pests is, obviously, a hazard which needs to be considered as part of the hygiene plan for any food establishment. A less obvious risk is that of contamination of product by pesticides often used to control pests. Electronic Fly Killers offer a proven method of controlling this risk, by attracting, killing and collecting all flying insect pests without the use of chemicals.

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